Pain-Free No-Needle Dentistry Now Available in Burlington, Ontario Area

Pain-Free No-Needle Dentistry

Pain-Free No-Needle DentistryPain-Free No-Needle Dentistry and early detection are key to filling cavities without the use of a numbing agent. That’s wonderful news for many people, but not for everyone.

What about those folks who have a dental phobia – odontophobia – people who haven’t gone to the dentist for quite a while because the whole process makes them uncomfortable and squeamish?

Those people might have some cavities that are a little too big for the easy approach. Is there any way to fill a cavity by using an alternate numbing agent? Is there REALLY a way for Pain-Free No-Needle Dentistry?

What if you can’t handle nitrous oxide? Maybe it makes you paranoid, or increases your panic, or makes you fall asleep. And who wants an injection in their mouth? Is there an alternative to getting stabbed in the gums and shot full of Novocain?

The answer is yes! Happily, there is really no reason to be afraid of the dentist any longer. A new, high-tech, Pain-Free No-Needle Dentistry solution is now available when a tooth absolutely, positively has to be numb. And that high-tech solution is a laser. A non-invasive, non-stabbing laser.

It couldn’t be simpler: gel is applied to the gum area surrounding the suspect tooth and the laser is pulsed for 30 seconds or so. Afterwards, the tooth is numb enough to perform a filling, or a root canal… you name it. The laser can numb the teeth on about 90% of the population, so your chances of being among the chosen few are high… 90% to be exact. Think about it… numbness without Novocain, and nary a needle in sight.

And that’s not where a laser’s usefulness stops. They can also be used to remove decay from teeth, treat canker sores, reshape the gum line, and aid in dental hygiene. Lasers work without generating heat or vibration. Anyone who’s had a drill in their mouth for any length of time knows how disturbing all that vibrating can be.

Imagine a trip to the dentist that doesn’t involve pain, or the upsetting drilling, or suffering with a numb mouth for hours after the visit. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? Well, that is exactly what dentistry can be in  2011 and beyond.

As you can clearly see, there really is no reason to be afraid of the dentist any longer. People who are afraid of the dentist are unaware of the fantastic new technologies that make dental work literally pain-free.

So is it time for you to call Dr. Long Vo and Dr. Julie Dao at Smile Centre Dental? If you’re in need of a Burlington, Ontario dentist, be sure to schedule an appointment today to see what the doctors can do for you using the pain-free, needle-free approach to dental care.

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Pain-Free No-Needle Dentistry Now Available in Burlington, Ontario Area


Pain-Free No-Needle Dentistry

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